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Great Excitement


"The Dawn", pink onyx, 44 x 43 x 20cms

“The Dawn”,
pink onyx, 44 x 43 x 20cms

Tomorrow is a bit of a red letter day for me, as for the first time, I will have a piece at the prestigious Masterpiece Art Fair in London. “The Dawn”, is being featured by the Elena Shchukina Gallery at the Asian Art in London Pavilion.


At the end of a very dusty day’s work this is like a flower unfurling. I am really enjoying being able to work at a more measured pace than I have been recently! 


Taking flight.

I feel like I am making bold cuts into this but it doesn’t seem to alter that much. Nevertheless I feel I can see where it’s going and I certainly don’t want to paint myself into a corner on taking too big a slice out of anywhere. 



This stone is a kaleidoscope of colour especially as I thin it down to reveal it’s translucence. It’s going to be hard to know when to stop! 


Just in time





This baby is going for an audition at the Square Restaurant tomorrow so it was truly great that Angelo was able to come at short notice to shoot some proper images of it.

Ready for Angelo

Toiled away today to get this ready for a photo shoot in the morning. Angelo kindly said he’d come over even though it is a Bank holiday weekend, so that I could get some images done for Masterpiece Art Fair etc.

The late afternoon sun makes this glow like the dawn sky. Not really a time I care to be awake, but sometimes amazing to witness then colours of the dawn! 



I’ve remembered why I like to make holes in sculptures. Working into a blind space is very time consuming and v hard work but I do like the way this is heading.  


Busy Day

I have been given the opportunity to show this at the Masterpiece Art Fair at the end of June so “Shroom” has been put aside and it’s all systems go on this one. V exciting! 


Meet “Shroom”

This stone is so much fun to work with. It’s going to be named “Shroom” because I think

it has the look of some very exotic tree fungus.