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The eaglets have landed

Babies arrived yesterday, luckily when Nick was here to help me unload. So hard to decide which one to work on first, they are all going ” Me first, me first”!     



Finished, polished, pinned and packed. This baby is ready to go and then my hands are taking a rest until the shipment arrives from Kansas.

Have been absolutely wiped out by hay fever in the last two days. The price of a jawdroppingly beautiful Spring!        

So much more stone!

We needed the forklift to move the sculpture this morning, but then were able to tip it over with two of us this afternoon but try as I might, I couldn’t get it upright by myself before I downed tools. Basically this means at least another day’s work to get it to shipping weight? 


A different route.

My Katusha Ostroumoff Bull page won’t find photo stream so I am giving this a try. Spent nearly eight hours sawing away at the stone and the outside of the form is nearly there. Now comes the tricky bit of weaving through and making the internal spaces. 


Inching closer



Millimeter by millimeter it is getting there and so far nothing ominous has happened!

Back at the salt face



IMG_3635Getting back to real life and bending stone again! Need to take my time on this now going softly, softly as I have no idea if the bedding plane on this stone is going to want to make it spring apart. Quite nerve racking, it is.

Rocking along.


Started back on this baby yesterday. It was quite chilly working outside but there was a nice brisk breeze to blow the dust away.

Awesome light.

It one of the things I love most about sculpture. There will be an instant in a day where the light will fall on it in a way that makes you stop in your tracks. Fab!

All in place.

Spent yesterday afternoon with Chris Billett fine tuning my website and it was hugely reassuring that even the experts encounter baffling and maddening glitches. Mission accomplished in the end and my video from Vision On Communications should now be on my website and with a bit of luck, all posts from my blog on this website, will go straight to my Katusha Ostroumoff Bull Facebook page. Here goes!

So complicated!

Not the sculpture, but trying to work how to download images from my new camera when the internet here in Marble moves like treacle and somehow with all the bits I bought, I don’t seem to have the right connections.
Luckily the sculpture is going well and it’s altogether fab to be back here, working away.