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My first post

This all feels a bit like the first time I held a chisel and a mallet in my hands and took a few tentative whacks at a new piece of stone!

Until a couple of weeks ago I viewed “blogging” with deep suspicion, and how interesting that typing the word now, I find that it is not recognised by Word! I was of the belief that blogging was the preserve of the web generations especially those who spent altogether too much time in front of their screens.

In the conversations with Al and then Chris who are the architects of my new website, I found my preconceptions challenged and exciting new possibilities opening up on how to communicate with anyone who was interested in my sculpture.

All the same, it is a bit like standing at the top of a ski run that is so steep you can’t actually see where your first few turns are going to be but here goes.

One of the things I hope to be able to do on this page is to post a largely pictorial commentary on the creation of new pieces from the raw block to the polished end. Another might be show some of the things that inspire ideas for new pieces like in the practice blogs that Al and Chris put together for me after one of our preliminary planning sessions.

Anyway, I hope that posting blogs will become as routine a task as tidying up my studio at the end of each work session and will be of interest to some of you out there and that I will eventually lose this terribly self conscious feeling I have now.

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